SKOR NEWS March 1, 2021 11:20

News on launch “Emma” Chatbot

JAKARTA - SKOR technology can be an option for a company that want to increase loyalty further and maintain good relationships with employees. This is a business-to-business (B2B) based platform technology intended for companies that want to be closer to the people they employ.

"Employees are a valuable asset to an organization and essential for companies to build a productive and healthy work environment. Here SKOR is designed to assist organizations/companies in improving ties with employees, retaining the best employees, and reducing the number of employees in and out," said Lenny Aziz, Founder and Director of Engagement SKOR in Jakarta, Wednesday night (6/6/2018).

It's very easy to use. Employees can log in, manage their accounts, choose their activities, talk to Emma (artificial intelligence/AI within the platform) for daily requests around personnel, collect points, and convert points to physical forms such as shopping or dining vouchers.

"Because we are B2B, so the use of employees in coordination through the company. Can't suddenly download, but the company he works for hasn't used SKOR," Lenny said.

Lenny added, since the beginning of his team and the company, that will set the needs of what management and employees need. So it is very flexible, and the company can also change this platform with its name.

The fees charged for subscribing to this platform will also differ. One of the companies that have used SKOR services spends Rp15 million per month to use it. Very affordable!

"This cost is cheaper than companies creating their apps or internal web for their employees,"Lenny said..

Recently SKOR launched an AI Chatbot named "Emma" to provide a platform that can periodically talk to a company's employees. He can make a real difference to the company to improve employees' skills, from innovative and interactive learning to scenario simulation as a method to enhance training.