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Business Transformation is a current global trend which connects data and information across departments through digitisation. Simultaneously business awareness of the need for integrated Employee Engagement (EE) programmes.

EE programmes empower organizations to build culture, drive employee participation, satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Ultimately, individual and organisational performance to help business evolve.

EE programmes ensure employees are well informed of company visions, values, positioning and happenings. They motivate employees to actively participate in company affairs and help to build a positive, cohesive workplaces.

Keeping your best performance

Strategic Impact of Employee Experience

  • Empower Commitment
  • Strengthens Retention
  • Extends the reach of HR Initiatives
  • Improves Organizational Climate
  • Increase Satisfaction
  • Helps the organization in its Digital Transformation
Everyone gets more inspired with SKOR
Benefits For HR Team

Any HR system you already use can be integrated with SKOR.

SKOR empowers your HR team to think creatively about ideas to engage with employees

Spend more time adding value to motivating employees rather than time on routine tasks that should be automated.

Employee alignment with corporate values. Increase staff loyalty and reduce absenteeism.

Increase productivity and improve bottom lines with recognition and bonding.

Create inspirational contents for sustainable employee engagement.

Benefits For Employees

Give employees the opportunity to be recognised and appreciated.

Help them move fast, saving time looking for company information.

The challenges are fun and help them get to know their colleagues better.

They feel they know the company well and be a part of the company (to enjoy the successes and bond together when times are difficult).

The point rewards/badges/stars are currencies you can use to have fun and encourage action and pro-activity.

Enhance corporate wellness and healthy competition.

Benefits For Management

You decide what employee behaviour or achievements deserve incentive or reward

Keep KPI in clear focus

Encourage personal achievement as well as healthy competition

Encourage teamwork, help employees to keep track of their own goals and performance

You can invite and measure employee opinions

User friendly format for keeping track of how the app is performing so you can monitor employee engagement levels by employee, leaders, divisions, areas, events, by challenge, etc.

Find out SKOR features

One-stop app for your engagement needs

News Feed

The company feels alive now because employee can understand so much more whats going on and who’sthinking what and why.

Read and Write Posts

We can all share our opinions on key issues that affect our company and customers and it helps us all to understand each other better.

Survey and Polling

Get fast feedback through easy-to-create survey and polling, available with targetting option, so you can target specific group..


Measure training session online or off-line. Customized tracking system, scheduled reminder, check in, pre-test, post test, and give feedback.


Create and complete challenges to earn rewards. It’s a fun way to motivate and engage all employees, especially in team challenge.

Fun Quizzes

Engage your employee to know more about your company and activities. Create quizzes and reward those who get the high scores.


Collect stars and badges and get your level up. Also, earn points to redeem in more than 30.000 merchant outlets across Indonesia.

Attendee Management

Customized attendee management and Field Tracking. Download report in real-time and give reward to those who perform best.

4 Steps to Get Started with SKOR Employee Engagement

  • 1Simply sign-up the number of your employees, click here
  • 2Choose your preference (Free basic features or premium)
  • 3If you decided to use the premium features, please select the features that you are interested in such as news, events, chatbot, quiz, surveys, and many more. We help design the system that suits you best.
  • 4Choose your personalized rewards. Discount rewards and Point rewards in many categories such as food, lifestyle, health and many more.

Fully hosted and scalable service, no need to setup and maintain expensive infrastructure. Easy to use self service content management console. We will always update the latest features with the latest updated technology.

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